Core Team

Neil Skea

Neil Skea received his BCom Honors degree Cum Laude in 2008 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – with a special focus on Information Systems & Technology. He is currently researching the impact of the international IPv6 migration on South Africa for the qualification of Master of Commerce. Neil holds the position of managing member of Netelligent Consulting CC. He is extremely passionate about technology – taking the Netelligent philosophy of “Working IT, Living IT, Loving IT” to heart. He has a diverse set of interests and experience within the IT Field – ranging from his ACTC qualification for the Apple Environment through to systems/software development (programming), open source software, security, networking technologies, and automation and server and architecture. As one of the founders of the Durban Wireless Community (an open source, non-profit group that works with and researches wireless technologies), Neil has interest in and experience with the implementation and management of geographically dispersed networks and community networks. Outside of his heavily technologically driven lifestyle, Neil enjoys his spending time with his wife and family, working on his car, fiddling around with DIY, and is a keen camping & sailing enthusiast (certified offshore skipper).



David Skea

Qualification: B-Com Information Systems and Technology, PRINCE2 

After completing his BCom Information Systems degree at the University of South Africa, David pursued his passion for I.T. Project Management – studying the global standards and techniques as set by AMPG international. David currently assists Neil with leadership and management of Netelligent Consulting and heads up the website design and project management for the team. David is a keen body boarder and sailor and is a regular at the weekly Wednesday Night Twilight Regatta in Durban Harbour.


Derek de Froberville

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (General), Bachelor of Technology (Video Technology)

Proudly a ‘Jack of Many Trades’, Derek has a strong interest in all aspects of IT. Brought in to assist with IT consultation he is also tasked with growing the EQ development of the company as well as getting involved with new business ventures within Netelligent. Interpersonal communication and Person-Centric skills development are core interest that have lead Derek through a variety of environments from IT Distribution to large stage performances, to international collaborations.
Lucky enough to have studied a variety of subjects and in an equal number of schools he has a deep appreciation for personal growth and associative learning. Derek’s personal interests can be found in Online Media Creation as well as an active member of the DBN Gaming Community.


Brian Skea

Qualification: Bcom Information Systems Honours Summa Cum Laude Degree (University of KwaZulu-Natal). 

Brian Skea received his BCom Honours Information Systems & Technology degree Summa Cum Laude in 2013 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Brian is extremely passionate about technology and has interests in both the commercial and technical side of IT – he takes the Netelligent Consulting philosophy of “Working IT, Living IT, Loving IT” to heart.  His skillsets range from programming/software development & desktop support through to managerial IT. Outside of business and studying, Brian leads an active lifestyle and regularly attends the local gym. He also enjoys surfing and sailing and is a regular participant in the Twilight Regattas in Durban Harbour.


Jean-Marc George

Qualification: Diploma in Photography at Durban Institute of Technology

Jean-Marc joined Netelligent Consulting to pursue his passion for technology, media and design.  Holding a National Diploma in Photography from the Durban University of Technology, Jean-Marc brings creativity and design skills to the team. Jean-Marc enjoys working with people as part of our frontline support team and is always on hand to assist our customers with troubleshooting and queries. When he is not busy with desktop support, Jean-Marc also works as part of our Website Design Team – his strong background in photography and media brings fresh ideas and perspectives to our customer sites. Outside of work, Jean-Marc is a keen sailor – he holds his ISAF Level 1 Instructor’s certificate as a professional sailor and has competed in numerous high level events – including the coveted Lipton Cup in Cape Town. When he is not sailing, Jean-Marc can be found on the dancefloor as an active participant in Latin American and Ballroom.



Chantelle Crawley

Chantelle is the longest serving members of the Netelligent team. Her primary role is to assist Neil and David with administrative duties and to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by keeping the team on course. Her passion for customer service, strong administrative skills, proven communication skills, rational decision making and an ardent approach to any challenge have aided her well in supporting management teams and achieving company objectives.

Chantelle enjoys spending her free time with nature and wildlife, taking part in outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, camping and photography. She has a love for books and films and is an avid reader of classic novels.



Shannon Skea

Shannon holds a Diploma in Business Administration and Management as well as a Professional Secretarial Diploma from Damelin, South Africa.

Shannon’s role at Netelligent Consulting is primarily focused on the ISP faction within the wide range of offered services. Shannon is the go-to-girl with all ISP customer queries and escalations

She also heads up the usage statics and reporting division as well as general office administration and customer support management.

Shannon loves spending time outdoors, she can often be found in the garden and at the beach. She enjoys living an active lifestyle which includes running at the weekly Durban Beachfront Parkrun and attending Zumba classes at the gym.



Tylan Cohen

Tylan Cohen has a certificate pass in HCBPP (Higher Certificate in Business Practice and Principals) in 2015, he is currently enrolled to study his BCOMPT (Bachelor of Accounting Science). Tylan is one of our newest members of the team.

Tylan has a natural and keen interest with bringing a flare of accountancy and artistic design to the IT world.

His motivation in IT started at a young age and has progressed into a career path in IT taking his passion and commitment to the working world.

Tylan enjoys playing club rugby and is often found on the sports field in his spare time.



Preston Munro

Preston Munro has an incredible passion for technology, especially the networking aspects. He matriculated from Westville Boys’ High School and then proceeded to a CFOT (Certified Fibre Optic Technician) certification. Preston is an emerging expert in the realm of fibre installation, splicing, repairing and fault finding. He has great experience in cabling, installing cameras, servicing network cabinets and much alike. Preston has been upskilling and focusing his energies on the more technical side.

He is an avid traveler and can be regularly seeing new destinations experiencing the culture and restaurants. He also enjoys going to the beach, but only on sunny days. He is also a sucker for good action films.