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Network Management and Administration

Netelligent Consulting manages and provides technical consulting services for a wide range of SMME and corporate customer networks – ranging from insurance brokers to several schools, legal firms, a Microbiology laboratory and advertising & recruitment agencies.

Our team has experience with a wide range of software packages – including the Microsoft Office Suite of Applications, VIP Payroll, Pastel, EduAdmin, Ed-Admin, Nod32, Symantec and others. We manage networks that make a use of a wide range of platforms – including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS & various flavors of Linux. We also have specialist skills on the Mikrotik and Ubiquiti platforms.

We believe in the age-old ideal of “best tool for the job” and prefer a mix of best of breed technologies over sticking with a particular vendor when compiling a solution.

Typical network management and administration activities include: Server maintenance, backups, workstation maintenance, software patching & updates, maintenance of specialist applications, user management activities, print management, Internet connectivity & firewall management, management of wireless networks and maintenance of network documentation.

We firmly believe that Netelligent Consulting has the passion, expertise and ideas to help you improve your network – taking your system to the next level. Netelligent Consulting has a diverse customer base –  contact us if you would like a reference from any of our customers and an obligation-free proposal to help you get the most from your network.


We firmly believe that Netelligent Consulting has the expertise and ideas to help you improve your network and PBAX – helping you integrate the two and to take your system to the next level.

VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to a technology that allows voice calls to be carried over computer networks or the Internet. VOIP involves sending voice information in digital form as data packets over a network rather than using the traditional “circuit-committed” protocols of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN – i.e. Telkom). One of the major advantages with VOIP is that it is possible to avoid the charges of the incumbent operator as calls can be routed via other networks – with different fee structures (often free).

The benefits of a VOIP system include modular design, ease of installation, portability, lower call rates and the convergence of voice technologies with existing network infrastructure.

Netelligent Consulting has recently deployed several successful VOIP solutions. Contact us for further information and an obligation-free proposal.


Web design and hosting

Netelligent Consulting has recently entered the realm of Web Design. We are very passionate about technology and bring a strong technical background to our web design projects. Our knowledge of current and future trends, understanding of network security and efficiency contribute toward a high quality websites. Aside from strong technical skills, our team also possesses a strong business and commercial background. With BCom Information Systems & Project Management skillsets, we are well positioned to bring commercial viewpoints to the development of websites. We have specialized skills in a range of technologies including cloud computing, social networking, web development, project management and network security which allow us to approach web design projects holistically.

Netelligent Consulting has recently deployed several successful website solutions. Contact us for further information and an obligation-free proposal

Wireless Technologies

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Netelligent Consulting specializes in and has a deep passion for Wireless WAN technologies.  Neil Skea is one of the managing members of the Durban Wireless Community – an open source non-profit organization that centres on the experimentation with consumer grade wireless networking technologies. To this aim, the community has established a Wireless Mesh network spanning from the Bluff to Umbilo, Morningside, Glenwood, Town, Tollgate, Durban North, Westville and photoPinetown. Members who connect to the mesh network experiment with routing protocols, network security tools, VOIP, video streaming from webcams and other network related technologies. Neil has a keen passion for wireless technologies – having completed his Honours research paper on Wireless Network Security in the Durban area. The Durban Wireless Community has well over 100 wireless links – the majority of which have been setup by Netelligent Consulting employees in their spare time.  Netelligent Consulting has recently completed a large project for the eThekwini Municipality – having setup over 30 sites ranging from clinics and libraries to fire departments. Our team has since won a management contract to maintain eThekwini’s wireless infrastructure throughout Durban and surrounding areas.

Contact us for further information and an obligation-free proposal for your wireless requirements.


IT Project Management and Consulting

According to a report entitled “The impact of Business Requirements on the success of Technology Projects” by Keith Ellis, published by IAG Consulting (Report attached with this proposal – is also available online for at, as many as 68% of IT projects surveyed were considered only partial success or an outright failure due to poor / insufficient business process and system analysis.SONY DSC

Michael Krigsmann of ZDNet highlighted the key points of the report:

  • Companies with poor business analysis capability will have three times as many project failures as successes.
  • 68% of companies are more likely to have a marginal project or outright failure than a success due to the way they approach business analysis. In fact, 50% of this group’s projects were “runaways” which had any 2 of: taking over 180% of target time to deliver; consuming in excess of 160% of estimated budget; or delivering under 70% of the target required functionality.
  • Companies pay a premium of as much as 60% on time and budget when they use poor requirements practices on their projects.
  • Over 41% of the IT development budget for software, staff and external professional services will be consumed by poor requirements at the average company using average analysts versus the optimal organization.
  • The vast majority of projects surveyed did not utilize sufficient business analysis skill to consistently bring projects in on time and budget. The level of competency required is higher than that employed within projects for 70% of the companies surveyed.


It is with the above report in mind that our team strongly recommends the approach where an accurate needs analysis and other analytical exercises are performed to ensure that a proposed IT system correctly addresses business requirements and can be considered a success.

Contact us for further information and an obligation-free proposal to aid you with the implementation of your IT project.


Learning Management System – OnRamp

Netelligent Consulting is proud to be a preferred OnRamp /EduRamp Online Training Platform Partner. OnRamp is a web based results driven learning management system that allows you to build beautiful digital training guides (Playbooks), send them to students and track their performance. Our team is able to supply OnRamp technologies throughout South Africa and can assist you with content development.  To learn more about OnRAMP – visit or contact us for further information.

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Hardware Sales

Netelligent Consulting sells a wide range of computer hardware – from servers to workstations, laptops, networking hardware, VOIP Hardware, IP Cameras and other equipment. Contact us for a quote for your computer hardware requirements.